Short Term Loans

What are Short Term Loans?

We may often her about short term loans but not really understand what they are. The phrase might seem a bit vague but it does describe a very specific type of loan which may go by different names. Short-term loans tend to be payday loans. You may have heard of these too. It can be …

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Will Guarantor Loans Help me out of Debt?

If you have lost of debts, then you may wonder whether you could consolidate them into one loan and then it will make them easier to manage. There are consolidation loans where you can do this, but they do tend to be expensive and sometimes it is better option to organise this yourself using a …

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Personal Finance

How to Repay Personal Loans

Whenever we take out a loan, whether a personal loan or any other type, we should think about how we are going to repay it. This may seem a bit boring but it is really important. If we borrow money that we cannot repay then we will face high charges and it could be extremely …

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Payday Loans

Top Tips for Repaying Payday Loans

If you have a payday loan then you will normally have to repay it when you next get paid. This means that you have to find enough money to cover the amount that you borrowed plus any fees and interest and have it ready to repay on the day that you are paid. There are …

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